Supercharge Your Practice is the best workshop I have been to in the last 10 years.  After taking the workshop a few years ago I am still referencing all the in depth material, and implementing it in my private practice. The workshop is a masterful combination of myopia control and practice management. If you are serious about making a change in your patients’ lives and want to create or improve your myopia control practice, you must go to this workshop!


Hetel Bhakta, O.D.
Planet Vision Eyecare

christine-yeung-o-dI had a great experience at Supercharge; the workshop was different than any other I had attended. I found the workshop gave me the confidence and motivation I needed to make changes in our practice. We continue to see our ortho-k practice grow as a result. Dr. D. is so supportive (even after the workshop) and truly wants you to succeed.

Christine Yeung, OD



Dr Lyons first attended Supercharge in 2016.  He returned from the class full of new ideas and a newfound passion – myopia control. He has been fitting scleral lenses for years and this seemed like a perfect extension for him.  Within that first year we started to implement the business practices that he had learned from Supercharge.

In 2017, Kathryn and  I attended Supercharge so that we could better understand how to grow the program. Dr. Lyons also attended again as he had so enjoyed the energy and education that Dr. D provided.  We have found the information given and the step-by-step process for creating a profitable program to be invaluable.  We have even used some of the ideas to help enhance our scleral lens program.  We highly recommend this program for doctors, managers, and team members that are interested in creating a profitable myopia control clinic!

Liz, Patient Care Manager
Focal Pointe Eye Care

Single BEST course I’ve ever taken for my practice.  PERIOD. The mindset you learn at Supercharge can change your entire outlook on practicing Optometry, and not just Ortho K. Other specialty services like VT, Sports Vision, and other self-pay services (even Lipiflow) have been influenced in my practice by what Nick taught me all those years ago.If you are on the fence about attending, you have two choices:

  • get off the fence and change your practice for the better
  • resign yourself to whatever vision plans will allow you to have

Either way, you are making a choice – change your mindset and improve your practice…or do nothing different and believe what you’re already doing is the best it can be.

It’s up to you!

Jeffrey Martin, OD, FAAO

I attended Supercharge in 2016. It was such a great experience that I am attending again! Dr. D is an open book & has so much passion for helping others make their practices successful. He teaches you to work smarter not harder.

My practice is a cold start and I am 4 years in. I have grown ortho-K, paid off my topography and dropped one of our insurance plans and have plans to drop another this year! SuperCharge gives you all the tools you need to succeed, I strongly recommend it.

Amy Lee, OD
Gilbert, AZ

Nick is an optometric rock star whose passion for our profession is truly inspiring, motivating, and downright contagious!  His workshop shocks you, shakes you, rocks you…almost breaks you!  Gosh darn it if you don’t come out of it with a dozen “A-ha” moments or two!  Just thinking about last year’s SuperCharge makes me want to stand on my chair and dance a Macarena, Kiki, or any of the latest internet challenge dances!  I have never had as much fun anywhere else learning how to improve my practice to benefit my patients.  You may come out of it a little Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs (I have a couple of videos I can show offline) but it would be more crazy to miss it.

If you haven’t done so yet, do your practice…yourself…and your patients a favor and GO!

Jesús L. Barrios, O.D.

I’ve attended the SuperCharge workshop twice, it’s a must for newbies as well as established overnight reshaping doctors like myself. Nick is a master of positivity and a TEDx speaker.

Roots and wings is what we try to impart to our kids. Nick will show you the roots of how to develop a specialty practice in over 5 hours of intensively programmed education. He will encourage you to take flight with your newly-found wings of encouragement to develop your own myopia control practice.

Raymond J. Brill, OD, MBA, FAAO, FOAA

Whether you’ve been involved with Myopia Management/Ortho-K for one year or twenty, if you’re serious about it, you owe it to your practice to attend Supercharge at least once.  As Dr. D stresses, an Ortho-K patient is not a contact lens patient.  Supercharge provides the perspective, motivation and tools to internalize this key concept and help you bring your practice to your next level.

Steve Jacobs, OD



Lots of people can fit lenses. Nick’s course is about all the other things you need to be successful. He has been doing this for a long time and continues to tweak his systems. Because that’s what long term success is all about, consistency and systems. Can’t recommend Supercharge enough.

Dr. Martin Diaz, OD



Supercharge is by far one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended. Within a short period of time, Nick manages to inspire, motivate, and present the most simplified approach and foolproof method to success with Ortho-K. He logically and systematically outlines the steps needed to prosper, while providing all the needed tools. This workshop is definitely a must for any practitioner interested in myopia control and Ortho-K.

Dr. Rita Ellent, O.D.



Just wanted to share with you that after a few months of frustration trying to make changes to the charges of Ortho-K lenses, I’m starting to have more fittings.   I came to the conclusion that the moment I was comfortable with the change, I come across this way, and patients didn’t question it.  We ( my staff and I) came to a target number of OK fittings per month and we exceeded it this month.  It will take some time to get my ROI but I know I’ll get there.

I wanted to thank you again for sharing your experiences and knowledge.  I keep learning more and more about OK lenses and enjoy it.

All the best,
Mira Sivan OD, AAOMC
Optometrist and Orthokeratologist

My medical optometry practice consists of ten doctors who specialize in myopia control, vision therapy and dry eye treatments. I have attended Supercharge three times. The key point that Nick really hits home to you is to “have practice independence” you MUST focus.  However, if you don’t know what’s important, everything seems important.  SuperCharge is a step-by-step coaching grand rounds for practice success.

Thank you Nick Despotidis for your passion and dedication to your patients and profession!
Dr. Albert Ng, OD, FAAO, FIAOMC

Dr. D is the MOST passionate coach you’ll ever encounter. He truly wants you to succeed by working smarter (not harder) and to avoid the insurance rat race that many of us find ourselves in. Supercharge is his turnkey solution gleaned from what he’s learned over the past few decades. Listen to this man!

Dr. Eric To

I’ve always had a passion for Myopia control and Ortho K and your super charge in Orlando just super energized me even more! I’m proud to announce that I’ve followed through on my goals set at your workshop and opened my specialty practice in downtown Manhattan! Your energy is infectious, thank you for all that you do!

See you at the next super charge!

Arthur Jung, OD

Thank you, Dr. D, for offering such an inspirational and eye-opening workshop! Your willingness to share your experiences and business ideas to help other ODs really shows how passionate you are about myopia control and the optometry profession as a whole. I look forward to attending a second time.

Helen Cheng, O.D.



Supercharge is a great experience from start to finish! Dr. Despotidis’ enthusiasm is so motivating and the plan for implementing steps to grow your practice is easy to follow.

Dr. Eric Bran




The two most valuable things that you will take away from this workshop are Dr. D’s passion and an actionable plan.  It is time well spent.

Dr. Cheryl Chapman




FilakI’ve wanted to be an Optometrist since I was 12 years old, but after 18 years of dealing with insurances and staffing issues, I was ready to sell my practice and find another career.  I attended the Supercharge Workshop in 2014, based on a friend’s recommendation.  I left feeling like I had a new lease on my career and my life.
Since then, I have eliminated all vision plans and non-productive staff.  I work 3 days per week . My gross and net revenues have increased every year since attending Supercharge; I strongly recommend it to everyone.

Larry Filak, O.D.

Paul-WoolfI have been in private practice for a long time. Over the years, I have become frustrated with the grind of vision care plans. I provide low vision services in my practice and that has been enjoyable for me. I went to SCYP 2017 with the intent to increase my Myopia Control volume to the level of my low vision volume. After the first hour, I realized that I could use this information to dramatically increase my low vision volume instead. The rest of the meeting, my brain was spinning on how to use this information. The result? I am up 55% on my low vision revenue over last year. SCYP is not just about myopia control or vision therapy. It is about learning to provide services others don’t or won’t. And getting paid for it. I look forward to this year’s meeting and will bring my associate and a staff member.

Paul Woolf, O.D.

If you are looking for workshop full of “fluff and theory”, SuperCharge is not for you.  However, if you are looking to get a startup practice up and running, light a match under a stalled practice, or take a large practice to a mega practice, SuperCharge is a must.

Nick delivers the nuts and bolts of getting not only your staff on board, but the mechanics of consultation, examination as well as getting your patients to say “yes”.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel, Nick gives you the recipe and all you have to do is follow it.

John P Abdella, OD, MBA, FIAOMC

After attending Supercharge in 2017, I have seen an incredible positive change in not only my ability to manage our CRT program, but how our staff and patients are also engaging in it as well. Supercharge gave me the confidence as a new practitioner to meet my goals and aspirations head on with confidence and unparalleled focus.

Joelle Holland, OD



It was pleasure to attend your seminar this year as well. Attending SuperCharge the second time was even more valuable than the first time around. I was hesitant at first, but I am so glad I made that investment to come to your seminar again. Thank you for reinvigorating me, for keeping my momentum going. I value the new information that you’ve shared during this seminar and find the new material additive to the previous one. I have already implemented some new ideas, dropped some insurances, and increased my fees. I am happy to share with you that I am enjoying continued success. Thank you, once again!

Shefali Miglani, OD


Since I was 14 years old, I wanted to become an optometrist and open my own practice. I fulfilled that dream for years ago when I opened up cold. I worked so hard to build up the practice and felt disappointed because I became a mouse on a wheel. I attended Supercharge for the first time in 2016 and then again in 2017. You reinvigorated my passion for private practice and made me realize what changes I could make to be happier. That’s ultimately the goal…to be happy!

Thank you for what you do and for helping improve the quality of life of doctors like me. We are not quite where I want to be but at least now I know where we’re headed.

Julie Lam, OD


bolenbakerThe Supercharge experience is so much more than a how-to course on incorporating ortho-k into your practice.  The philosophies on specialty service management presented have infiltrated and boosted my low vision, dry eye, and specialty contact lens pillars of my practice as well as guided my inclusion of myopia-control services.  The experience did not end that night…with ongoing encouragement and advice available on the Supercharge Facebook group, you know Nick is truly interested in making sure everyone that attends has the tools to excel in their practice along with the occasional reminder to get up and make it happen!  I am a happier doctor and believe my patients are happier too since becoming a “Supercharger.”

Dr. Jason Bolenbaker
Visionary Eye Center


I went into Dr. Despotidis’ SuperCharge event with very little idea of what to expect.  As someone new to Ortho-K, I felt I needed some guidance on how to take a dabbling facet of our practice and grow it into a profit center.  What I was so astounded with was the tremendous value SuperCharge offers. Nick does so much of the leg work and drudgery for you by providing the logistical material when enabes you to get up and running as quickly as possible.  His help and concern does not stop at the end of the seminar; the value he brings continues as he provides webinars and blog posts throughout the year. His infectious and fiercely independent attitude is what Optometry needs, and I feel so fortunate to have attended SuperCharge.

Ryan Schott, OD


It gives me deep pleasure to write a few things about Dr.Despotidis after attending his “Supercharge Your Practice” workshop in Dallas.  The very first day back to my practice, I signed up an Ortho-K patient at a 60% higher fee than I normally charge.  Dr. D is very passionate about teaching practice management tools in a simple and applicable way.  I called him a few days ago with some questions, which he answered promptly.  I will attend his workshop again and I wish him even more success.

Sabjit Singh Virk, OD, Ph.D, FIAO

Seeing firsthand the excellent patient care that you and your team provide has truly expanded my understanding and appreciation of the critically important patient/practitioner relationship. I have had the privilege of working with healthcare professionals my entire career – including significant time in the Pharma industry.  Regardless of specialty, you set the bar for establishing trust and rapport with your patients.  My time with you was not only a learning experience, but a joy to watch!

My sincere thanks,
Rich Jeffries
President, Paragon Vision Sciences

As we approach my one year anniversary of our Supercharge experience I wanted to give you a quick update and a thank you for giving us the tools to move our practice in a new direction. It  is still a work in progress but we have made leaps and bounds in our movement within the last year. Our practice revenue overall  was up 5.8% last year and we saw 125 less eye examinations. Our contact lens revenue was up 22% or $58,000 over the prior year. So we worked less hard at eye examinations and made more money.

It was a lot of work to set up and get things started but it was well worth it. Your outlines were an invaluable guide for us and I doubt we could have progressed this far without them.

Thanks again,
Michael Fauria, OD

Sheryl-SimmsSuperCharge was a game changer in my office!  It has been almost two years since my attendance and I continue to differentiate my practice.  Thank you Dr. D for your expertise, it was an incredible seminar!

Sheryl Simms, OD





susan_pirroneThanks to your enthusiasm, materials, and ongoing hand-holding, we have managed to complete 90% of our new CRT program and have the last 10% in the works. Our enthusiasm for optometry is back in full force. Gone are the days of woe-is-me. How will we retire, if each day we have to work harder to keep afloat? Thank you for your dedication to optometry your quest for optometrists to love their work and lives. Thank you for your integrity and delivering just what you say you would. The materials you have so freely shared with us have surely taken you years to develop. Thank you for SuperCharge.

Susan Pirrone, OD

I’ve attended Supercharge three times:  Chicago 2013, Houston 2015, & Scottsdale 2016. Without your seminar, I would never have had that push to do more than any other eye professional has dreamed of.  For seven years, the growing headaches created by vision plans, inefficiencies created by EMR, and acronyms like MU/PQRS/MIPS kept me stressed not just in my practice, but also began to leach more and more into my home life. I also saw the negative effect it was having on my relationship between my patients and me. After SCYP in 2013, I decided to go “all-in” on developing an Ortho-K and myopia-control practice and break free from the insanity.  At each subsequent SCYP I’ve added ‘big-ticket’ items to establish for the coming year.  In just three short years, the results are astonishing.  I now spend approximately half of my clinic days on my Ortho-K patients.  I have a full day to myself, my CEO day, for planning the future direction of the practice.  I have ideal clinic hours, allowing me to pick my children up from school each day and never miss a practice, game, or recital.

Thanks to SCYP 2015 and 2016 goals, every six months I have dropped a VCP…leading me into 2017 in the position that so many optometrists say is impossible…taking care of my patients after dropping EVERY Vision Care Plan in existence!!  My Ortho-K practice continues to grow, our medical optometry practice is thriving, and the patient/doctor/staff relationships have been restored!

You were my catalyst, Nick. I’m eternally grateful.”

Jeffrey A. Klosterman, OD

michael_lyonsSince attending SuperCharge, there has not been a day that I have not thought about you, and your message. I have been “at the grind” for eight years in my private practice, knowing I could deliver better care on my own terms, but not understanding how. SuperCharge showed me how. Many of the basic principles you presented are now implemented in my practice. We will be offering our services at a higher level because we owe it to our patients and to ourselves. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to show us your success and the path to get there.

Michael Lyons, OD

theodore_seesThank you for the awesome and motivating SuperCharge seminar. You gave me the tools…I just have to apply them. I realize that there are a lot of things I need to do to be the doctor that I want to be. It’s scary, but as you said, we can’t live in fear and must overcome it. Thanks again!

Theodore Sees, OD





First and foremost, thank you for such an awesome seminar.  Fantastic info.  I’m so much more confident to move forward and present GVSS as an option for my patients.  I’m applying the concepts from SuperCharge to MANY areas of my practice, not just corneal reshaping.  Such a valuable workshop; time and money well spent. Thank you for inspiring me in my practice. Supercharge was fantastic and I’m so thrilled with how what you taught is applicable in so many areas of my practice with the broad-thinking approach. Thank you!

Gina Wesley, OD


canaan_montgomeryI attended SuperCharge with my wife this year and was truly inspired by your message. Thank you for speaking truth into my practice at life. You brought about a moment of clarity for me when you said that our practice should facilitate the life we want to live, not be the centerpiece of it. I am finally seeing the path ahead for our young practice as it relates to my values and goals in life. We are dropping VSP today with plans to drop our final VCP with in a year. We are applying your course concepts not only to our ortho-K practice, but also to our VT practice. Again for your inspiration –I am grateful.

Canaan Montgomery, OD

I’m so thankful for SuperCharge. To your credit as a mentor you’ve been incredibly consistent with your insight, words of encouragement, and at times even honest rebuke.  I feel humbled to have new people entrusting me with their children’s care.  There’s a strong and proud professional moment when this happens. It’s amazing how word-of-mouth can spread in this specialty.  For this reason, Ortho-K keeps me on my toes and gives me so much more enthusiasm compared to managed-care patients. What a difference! I try to enjoy the journey and not just fixate on the end goal.  Great work and Thank You!

Jonathan Cho, MS, OD


I just started construction for the first specialty contact lens center in Atlanta. You gave me the final push.

Will update you on progress.

Thank you for your inspiration.

Gavin Cohen, OD


I think the coolest part of your presentation is that you mention your family and how important they are to you.  Of course, this is the part that I connect with.  Learning from you to make smarter decisions about your practice to benefit your family really hit home for me.

Karen Higashi-Reynolds, OD





Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work you put into SuperCharge. Besides being informative and entertaining, it was life changing! I have reread everything I wrote in my journal and I am supercharged to find a career I want and feel happy about. I know I can do it because you and your office have done it, and you showed me how by providing all the techniques and forms.

Once you put your mind into practicing Orthokeratology, you have to follow through with your heart & soul. Dr. Despotidis & his SuperCharge team never allowed me an excuse to quit.  They have been at my side every step of the way, always encouraging and supporting me to reach my life goals. Your workshop was something optometry school could never afford to me.

When I put my Supercharge tuition on a credit card back in 2016, I never imagined the continued motivation, inspiration, & communication I would receive from the entire Supercharge team up until now!

Alice Tseng, OD


I attended SuperCharge in the Spring of 2016.  The seminar was worth every penny and every ounce of thought.  Dr. Despotidis sheds the blinders off and takes you out of your manage care frame of mind and enlightens you to focus your time and skills towards the private pay patient.

Shane Galan, OD, PC



I’m definitely glad that I decided to register for SuperCharge.  I’m still sorting through the information, and I’m sure I’ll have some questions for Dr. D, but wanted to pass along my sincere thanks for bringing not only his knowledge, but also his passion to the meeting.

Dwight Barnes, OD




david-zuckerSupercharge fully delivers during this interactive event and Dr. D follows through on everything he preaches.  He answered every single one of my follow-up e-mails, as promised. He recommends to go ABOVE & BEYOND for patients, and he treats us, his doctor clients, with the same courtesy.

As in anything with life, most good things come with hard and effective work. Supercharge gives you the motivation, tools, and the continued follow-up communication to help you succeed in Ortho-K or any other specialty in your practice. Do yourself a favor: go to Supercharge, and then stop at nothing to implement.

David N. Zucker, OD


stephen-chaseThank you for allowing me to overcome my fear and to have faith to move in a more exciting and productive fulfillment of my profession and life. I have graded my patients as they come in.  The A’s and B’s are sent personal emails. Many have responded back positively. Practice is more enjoyable.

Stephen Chase, OD




I have been to your seminar twice, first time just to see the hype and boy was it good and then second time to actually buckle down! You would think why would I need to go twice but I’ve learned so much each time I’m there. We all know what we need to do to get our practice thriving but we all are afraid to put into actions our thoughts! But your seminar gave me the confidence to do what I need to do. After my first seminar I went back and within a year dropped all my vision plans (with the exception of two) and Medicaid and said “I’m done working for pennies! I just want ‘A’ patients and to hell with those ‘D’ patients!” My staff thought I was crazy but we actually increased profit that year by at least 12%! The second seminar I went because I actually wanted to get my ortho K practice into gear and I have implemented lots of what you taught us. I continue to change my practice for the better each time I go to your seminar and thank you to you and your awesome seminars I have the confidence to know I can build the practice of my dreams without working so hard! Best wishes and Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! (my staff thanks you too because they don’t have to deal with those crappy vision plan patients anymore!)

Dr. Mindy Nguyen
Huntley Eye Care

I attended twice before but I am intrigued and excited as I know there will be new fresh ideas I will be able to pull from the workshop. My first time was in 2008, then again in 2013, it is time to take it again. Last year we signed up an average of 25 new ortho-k patients per month, some months we surpassed the 40 patients signed-up ceiling. Vision and/or medical insurance are no longer the first source of revenue in our practice, it has been like that for a few years now. Up to 50% of all new business comes from ortho-k. Many of the systems, strategic planning and in-office protocols that we have created over the years have the base and inspiration in SuperCharge. I could say that Dr. D.’s Supercharge, the desire to succeed and a bit of hard work has given us a higher level of freedom, setting the road to our success. I am very appreciative of that. Thanks for putting this wonderful course together.

Julio C. Arroyo, OD, MBA

I attended SuperCharge in 2012.  Since then, my practice has changed tremendously!  My practice’s main income came from VSP and we were doing about 2-3 Ortho-K per month at that time.  Since taking Dr. D’s course we’ve grown 10 fold! Following his recommendation I dropped insurance companies and now the majority of my  income comes from Ortho-K services.  We see on average 20-30 new Ortho-K patients per month!….The information you learn from his course will change YOUR life.  I have been enjoying so much more quality time with my family.

Connie Vuong, OD

I have attended SuperCharge twice and each time I get something new out of it, most importantly, the new goals I’ve set for my practice and my for my life. What I have learned works for building any specialty and I have used these methods over and over again. The most important thing that I learned is never give up.  Dr. D has been a constant role model for me. His generosity and obvious love for what he does and the ability to give it back is truly inspirational.

Arlene Schwartz, OD


swlviaMy ortho-K clinic is taking great shape since I attended SuperCharge. I am constantly coming back to the materials and I find all the answers I need. I would recommend it to everybody who wants to grow their CRT clinic .

Sylwia Szewczyk OD




samantha-hornbergerSupercharge was the most dynamic and inspiring workshop I have ever attended.  It has me seeing the practice of my craft in a whole new, exciting way!  With what I learned I am moving forward with more confidence than ever and I know I CAN practice the way I want to with more time for my family AND better care for my patients.

Samantha Hornberger, O.D.



valerie-lamTHANK YOU!  I went home after the SuperCharge and told my family about how I conquered my fears and karate chopped a board!  That was the best way to wake us up and get fired up. More importantly, thank you for your advice and all the preparation that went into that workshop.  I could tell it was well planned and a lot of thought went into making it worth our while. Thanks again for your concern and compassion!  AND YOUR TIME!  In reality that is all we have that is truly valuable.

Valerie Lam, OD

bridget-yeohThank you so much for everything! I thoroughly enjoyed SuperCharge. I will continue to do what I have been doing, even better with what you have taught. Thank you so much for everything.

Bridgette Yeoh, Optometrist




bill_potterI like Nick’s style because of his motivational ability and commonsensical approach. Most anyone can present the technical info, but Nick transcends the mundane and gets you wanting to charge up the hill and get it done!






jason-bolenbakerThanks for the great experience at SuperCharge. As I write this I am still jazzed from breaking the board. As I was listening to the presentation I knew I was in the right place. Thanks for helping to identify my excuses to not make my life and practice the way I want it.

Jason Bolenbaker, OD




kelvinAttending SuperCharge has changed my corneal reshaping practice dramatically. I attended a second time hoping to be re-energized and focused to implement more of your programs. I received that and more! I was surprised at how much the presentation and materials changed. I highly recommend SuperCharge even for those who have attended before.

Kelvin Van Voorst, OD



jason-oliarI just want to say thanks so much for your seminar. It was definitely the best one I’ve ever attended. Can’t wait until next year.

Jason Oilar, O.D.





tammy-wittmannI thank you for producing possibly the most important seminar of my career. SuperCharge was mind blowing in many ways. You went above and beyond the norm. You made me believe that I can be “different”.  That I can be “more”.  That I can achieve what I believed to be unachievable in this climate in our industry. The reason I believe it is because you gave us EVERYTHING we need to make it happen. You made us think about WHY we want to make changes.  You gave us the tools for HOW to make the changes, be a better leader, and hire better staff!  That alone is priceless AND you made it fun.  Dancing!  Singing!  Breaking Boards!  You are changing lives.  You bring hope and excitement.

Tammy Wittman, OD

peggy hartIt was extremely useful to go over the pricing and levels for the practice during the workshop. The next day in the office, I was able to confidently explain specialty CL treatment. Before, I was quoting low fees and miserable trying to manage the high maintenance that goes with complex fits. SuperCharge has given me the tools to definitely help my patients to the best of my abilities. I can’t wait to go to the workshop next year!

Peggy Hart, OD


This event was a practice-changing experience, maybe a life-changing one. We admire Dr. D’s honesty for sharing his own practice challenges. We were provided with a comprehensive roadmap to success for our specialty lens practice that we have applied to other areas of our practice.

Lisa Wohl, MD
Medical Director
Wohl Eye Center



amie-gisbertYou’re amazing! Thank you for talking about fear and how to fight through it.  Thanks for all the work you put into SuperCharge.  I’m working with my Power Practice consultant to put your stuff into action, so I just wanted to take a second to say THANK YOU.

Amie Gisbert, OD




nate-shrammI am just as excited now, as I was when I was a student and attended your workshop almost ten years ago! I needed to take the time to say thank you and you are one of my greatest inspirations.

Nate Schramm, OD, CNS




charlene-hendersonThank you so much for your passion, enthusiasm and expertise!  You hit a home run again.  I can feel the momentum rising and I’m riding the wave, not being swept over by fear and indecision. You have helped me in ways you can’t even know. Thank you a thousand times!

Charlene Henderson, OD




steve-grossSuperCharge was a success for me. I needed help to continue to improve my game and stay motivated! All of the new information is a huge help!

Steve Gross, OD






john-andersonA big thank you for an outstanding seminar! I attended last year and wasn’t sure if a second year would be of benefit but, WOW.  I can tell you put a significant amount of time into keeping it new and fresh.

John Anderson, OD




james-tuelSuperCharge is valuable not only if you are interested in adding ortho-K but gives you the concepts and guidelines to improve all aspects of your office. Nothing worthwhile is easy, but it sure is profitable!

James Tuel, OD





matthew-martinI am actively pursuing the things I learned at SuperCharge. I lectured at a Chinese school in front of 30 people about the myopia epidemic!  We are also in the process of changing our culture and are planning to Drop VSP within 2 years time.

Matthew Martin, OD





Since attending SuperCharge I have doubled my program fees. Most are converting and scheduling a consultation within two months of the initial presentation. These methods work.

Nelson Hassell, O.D.





I made the journey from Australia to SuperCharge. Our practice had been doing ortho-K but it hadn’t taken off in a big way. This presentation explained exactly what we needed to do in order to take orthokeratology from a peripheral interest to a core part of the practice. Dr. D’s obvious passion and genuine desire to help others made it the most motivating seminar of my entire career. After the event I was provided with excellent personalized email support to help implement the new ideas.

Dom Willson
Clinical Optometrist | Orthokeratologist | Behavioural Optometrist | Ophthalmic Medicines Prescriber
B.Optom (UNSW), Grad Cert Oc Ther (UNSW) | Member OAA, ACBO, CCLSA, OSO


Dr. D did a wonderful job presenting a high energy, no nonsense approach to changing your practice. He helped me see new ways to find more enjoyment in what we do while being compensated for our efforts.

The material was well organized and detailed. Dr. D’s actions during and after the seminar confirm that he is passionate about helping others. He followed up with me after the seminar and answered questions and provided support. I am currently making positive changes in my practice because of Dr. D’s seminar.

Cody Jones, OD
Blackfoot, Idaho 


I am truly passionate about Ortho-K, but I didn’t realize I was losing money until I attended SuperCharge. Dr. D gave one of the best seminars I ever attended. He has invigorated me to practice the way I want to practice. The course and materials pay for themselves many times over.

Michael Duong, OD


SuperCharge was the best seminar I have ever attended. Dr. D rocks! It was obvious tons of time went into preparing Supercharge and the attention to detail was simply astonishing. I’m implementing many of your ideas and am excited about taking my practice to a new level. Thanks again, from one of your raving fans!

H. Jeff Ward, OD




The most descriptive word for SuperCharge is “powerful”. The most important thing that I learned from this course is how to make a personal commitment to carry out my marketing plan in vigor. My practice certainly benefited by attending the course.

Dennis Leung OD, F.O.A.A.


Attending SuperCharge was one of the best investments I have made in growing my corneal reshaping practice. The information provided was invaluable and I was able to implement some of Dr. D’s ideas immediately and set long term goals as well. The attention to detail was outstanding. I appreciate Dr. D’s willingness to be available to answer any questions that I have had since attending the seminar. I highly recommend SuperCharge for both new and seasoned practitioners.

Kraig Abe, OD, FAAO, FIAO


Being a pediatric specialty contact lenses practice, our capture rate for corneal reshaping was rather low and I kept wondering where I was going wrong. Even though Dr. D was speaking to a large group I felt that he was personally addressing me. He completely understood everything I was going through and his approach is refreshing and invigorating. A few months after the seminar my corneal refractive program had enrolled more patients in 9 months than a few years. Dr. D is a true gem to the Optometric community with his unparalleled drive, passion and knowledge. His seminar is a must for any contact lens specialty practice.

Moshe Schwartz, OD, FAAO


SuperCharge is an outstanding seminar put together and presented by Dr. D, one of the best and most experienced ortho-K experts in the industry.  You will leave this course with hands on information that you will take home and use to change your practice. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in changing their patients’ lives and changing their own life.

April Jasper, OD, FAAO


If you learn from trial and error and provide the same care as your competitors, you’ll wind up with the same results. A better way would be to learn the systems Dr. D has developed for providing exceptional patient care, while thriving in private practice. Dr. D has been a client of The Power Practice for over 20 years and his success represents the reward of working smart, not hard. Attend this seminar, listen to him, take his advice, but most of all – take action, you won’t regret it!

Gary Gerber, OD
Chief Dream Officer of The Power Practice®
Host of The Power Hour


Dr. D is a true innovator who recognized early the need to distinguish his practice from others. By taking his detailed plan on Ortho-K and implementing it in our offices, we have not only set our practice apart from others, but we have created patients for life. I recommend this seminar to anyone who wants to supercharge their practice, patients and staff!

Katie Gilbert Spear, OD, MPH.


SuperCharge was a life changing experience.  Dr. D give me all the information and organization required to take my practice to a new level.  Not only using Corneal Refractive Therapy, but also by reigniting my passion to place my heart and soul in all that I do in my practice. His secrets have changed the lives of thousand doctors and their families by giving them back profits, referrals and recognition.

Dr. Maria Antonia Rodriguez, OD
Orthokeratologist and Pediatric Optometry
Lajas, Puerto Rico


Through a carefully crafted and fine-tuned presentation, Dr. D will teach you the systems you need for a specialty ortho-K practice. He will inspire you to keep focus, help you train your staff to deliver exceptional service, and show you how to market effectively. This isn’t your typical seminar that promises the world but then you are left wondering what to do next. With all the practical information, you will never regret attending this semimar.

Thanh Mai OD


Taking Dr. D’s seminar is one of the best things for any optometrist to move forward with success. After I attended the seminar my practice had the best growth ever, in all of my years as an optometrist.  I am looking forward to continuous growth as I implement more of Dr. D’s strategies.

Dr. Hieu Trong Do


I have been providing ortho-K and vision therapy for about 10 years. I struggled with the management of staff and patients as they go through the process. SuperCharge put many of my concerns into a logical process that is easy to digest. The Supercharge philosophy allows doctors and staff to understand how to do things that will grow the practice and, just as importantly, make optometry more fun. Every optometrist should take this course.

Thomas R. Doud, O.D.


Thank you very much for allowing us to understand your philosophy. It was impressive to see the professionalism, friendliness and dedication of your team. For us our children are the most important and it was great to see how you solve and improve the quality of life of children with therapy called CRT. I look forward to meet again and listen to one of yourtalks and explain your philosophy.

Rafael Martinez de Salas Rubio


The seminar was fantastic! Dr. D provided us with a comprehensive approach to market and integrate ortho-K into our practice…..successfully! The workshop provided us with the nuts and bolts of an ortho-K practice, time management principles, multimedia ideas and an overall game plan necessary to develop an even more super (turbo charged) practice. Our practice is growing and performing more Ortho-K than ever!

Dr. Brian Berliner
Long Island, N.Y.

Dr. D continues to be an inspiration to the rest of us. He is driven, focused, organized and highly successful, and so generous to share all of your “secrets for success”.  I appreciate the amount of time you put into your craft, but also the time it takes preparing lectures, webinars, documents, etc. I always learn something I didn’t know when I attend SuperCharge. I also am grateful that you took the time out of your busy day seeing patients to call me and listen to some of the issues I am dealing with in my practice. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Paul Levine, OD, FAAO, FIAO

I have attended SuperCharge twice and have built my ortho-K practice based on many of Dr. D’s recommendations. I have used his techniques in trapping, consulting and signing up new potential patients. I learned about how to run my busy practice efficiently and systematically. The seminar  is very comprehensive and always engaging and entertaining. Dr. D is always very enthusiastic and truly interested in helping me and my practice. I highly recommend any new or established practitioners to attend SuperCharge.

Dr. Eileen Lo, OD, FIAO

If your practice is struggling in the current economic conditions or it’s just in the doldrums, this is the course for you. Dr. D provides clear, concise, tactical changes for your practice that make sense. He provides manageable mini goals that you can implement right away and gets you to clarify your major goals and the methods to get there! I could see the results in my own practice right away. This is the best spent time and money if your looking to take your practice to the next level.

Dr. Barbara Manion

bob-gerowitzI just wanted to take a minute to send you a long overdue Thank You. You inspired me to do my own presentation and my talk went terrific! We had 20 guests in attendance and since my presentation, I’ve started 2 patients. This year we had 55 new starts, up from last year, and I owe a lot of that to the fine tuning you gave me at SuperCharge!

Rob Gerowtiz, OD, FIAO

abo-ncleThe SuperChargeYourPractice workshop is an opportunity for eye professionals to obtain the knowledge needed to start and grow a corneal reshaping practice. I had the opportunity to work alongside Dr. D and found that his office operates exactly the way he teaches! His approach is extremely effective. Health care reform is the newest and most important reason to attend. Dr. D provides you with the skills to break away from the vicious circle of trying to maintain a practice on insurance reimbursement. As an alumni of two SuperCharge workshops, I can attest I learn something new each and every time I attend. I have been working with ortho-K practices and can validate these marketing techniques work! I am looking forward to the next SuperCharge!

ABO, NCLE, Licensed Optician

If you feel like your skills at presenting ortho-K to your patients could use a kick start, you should attend SuperCharge.  If you feel like you could benefit from a better organized ortho-K machine, attend this seminar.  It is four hours of nonstop ideas.  I’m not kidding, Dr. D does not take a breath.  You will come away with a ton of ideas to improve your ortho-K practice…I know, I did and I’ve attended twice. 



Dr. D has been a true inspiration for my ortho-K practice. When I attended SuperCharge I not only received the knowledge, but a renewed passion for this unique segment in my practice. Each time that I went to SuperCharge the number of my ortho-K’s increased!  I don’t equate this to coincidence. Go to SuperCharge and get supercharged!!
Dr. Kerry T. Holt – El Paso, Tx.


SuperCharge is a one of kind workshop!  I was able to integrate what I learned seamlessly,  literally the next day.  Profits have been up with my new implemented strategies, and more importantly, I am very now happy and stress-free with all elements of my practice. My staff also appreciated the changes and philosophies we adopted, so thrilled in fact I brought my staff across the country to attend SuperCharge for the past few year. Thanks for opening our eyes!  We enjoy private practice and the lavish lifestyle afforded by adopting your vision and philosophies of practice.

Steven Chander, OD


We are a four-location practice in establishment since 1997.  In that time, we have seen vision insurance reimbursements shrink, and in the last 5 years, medical insurance reimbursements as well.  We wanted a new mode of practice independent of insurance. CRT, although around for a long time, has never really been mainstream and embraced by optometry.  The more recent studies showing the therapeutic effect of CRT on myopic children, along with our continuing struggles with nsurances, prompted us to delve further into CRT.

Taking SuperCharge was a real treat, since Dr. D has effectively systematized the art of CRT and made the task of incorporating CRT in our practice much less daunting.  At this time we are ready to launch CRT in our practice and have used much of what we learned from Dr. D to create our systems.

Thomas and Vasvi Babu

kyle-jonesSuperCharge has been a transformative experience for myself and my staff.  We are constantly tweaking our help guides and improving our systems and processes.  I watch videos from the seminar on your website to keep my motivation going. The funny thing is while it has helped the ortho-K side of my practice, it has done more for the other aspects of my practice as well.  It has helped me develop my practice into the success I have always wanted.  I also appreciate the helping hand from Dr. D when I have questions or need clarifications.

Kyle Jones, OD
Tucker, Ga

scott-perarI am very pleased that I attended  SuperCharge. Dr. D’s presentation was clear and well thought out. He obviously loves CRT and enthusiastically shared with us many of the systems that he utilizes within his own practice. I  put several of them to use immediately upon returning to my office. His handouts have proven to be extremely helpful in our office for not only the growth of our CRT practice, but have been useful in other areas also. I highly recommend Nick’s workshop for any practitioner who wants to provide more CRT in their practice.

Scott M. Pearl, OD

I cannot say enough about SuperCharge! It has changed the way I practice and has increased the gross sales of the business. Dr. D’s philosophies and management strategies create unique business opportunities with an increase in sales almost instantly. His enthusiasm for what he does is contagious. I was captivated for the entire four hours! I would highly recommend Nick’s workshop if your practice seems to be lacking something and needs to truly be “supercharged!”

Jennifer M. Smith, OD

peter-wilcoxDr. D provides “The keys to the castle” and you get to plug and play (if you are disciplined and persistent). He eliminates the need to learn “ortho-K business techniques” so all you have to do is contribute time and persistence.  Learn from, Dr. D, the best coach out there.

Peter Wilcox


Meeting Dr. D at SuperCharge was a treat. There was never a dull moment.  The system is not just for ortho-K practice, I was able to implement it for the entire office. I am proud to say that I finally finished my office procedure manual because of SuperCharge. Thank you for sharing and your continuing support even after the workshop. You’re an inspiration.

Pamela Wu, OD


I was one of the first the first practitioners certified by Paragon to fit CRT and have been doing Orthokeratology for over 25 years. My knowledge was recently clarified and reenergized by SuperCharge. The principles that I originally stated have been clarified and expanded upon with greater clarity and focus. The introduction and first three chapters on establishing a foundation, visualizing your outcome and marketing helped me rethink my approach to CRT. For me it was a rebirth into the best way to present overnight corrections and how to effectively document the visits and inform the patients. The enthusiasm of Dr. D is most impressive. His skill, personality and belief in corneal reshaping are the keys to success. I give my highest recommendations and also my gratitude to Dr. D for his efforts in creating and presenting our profession and patient base with SuperCharge.

Richard H. Kimmich, OD, FAAO, FCOVD


I loved SuperCharge and shared the major points with my staff as soon as I got back to the office. I’ve implemented some of your ideas and refined more of my own that have worked for me, based on the principles you presented. Lately, I’ve been recommending CRT with all the parents of my developing myopes. I am consistently doing two or three new fits per month, up from doing 8 all of last year before your seminar! Thanks again for all your enthusiasm and blueprint for success.

Robin Sapossnek, OD


Rarely do you attend a seminar where you are not only educated but entertained. Dr. D has the incredible flair for both. I have had the opportunity to witness Nick in action over the last 10 years as I have enjoyed his lectures as part of a national practice management study group. He is completely dedicated to excellence in the art and science of CRT and is able to present it to the audience in a way that can make you laugh and cry. Yes, his expertise about the topic is second to none, but it is his passion and energy which makes attending Dr. D’s seminar something you have to put on your “must attend” list!

Dan L. Fortenbacher, OD, FCOVD


As a vision therapy practitioner, I appreciated Dr. D’s perspectives on how CRT and vision therapy practice management go hand in hand. Dr. D gives practical advice in applying and integrating key practice management strategies to grow and take any practice to the next level. I went home with not just ideas, but with the confidence and tools to implement marketing strategies for my CRT and VT practice immediately.

Carole L. Hong, OD, COVD

william_ferrenceI know it is hard for you to get to know your attendees on a personal level, but getting to know you as you spoke, I was surprised how much we have in common. I have come to realize, many times certain life defining events, do not happen by chance, but occur for a purpose and a reason. I believe SuperCharge is one of those events! Thank you, once again, for giving your time and energy to inspire me and to think and act differently with regard to personal and professional success.

Bill Ference, OD


Just wanted to thank you for the inspiring SuperCharge shocker minus human try making a tent when she always nails I mean what any honestly of the pathwayseminar. It was the best practice management class I have ever attended by far! Your honesty and enthusiasm are refreshing.

Chris Jabaley, OD