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"Worth Every Cent. MOre Profit, More life." Our alumni say it best!

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Hosted By Vision By Design
Bellevue, WA
Tuesday, September 27, 2022

These workshops are developed for the dedicated practitioner who is committed to growing their office, along with their corneal reshaping practice. There’s no “fluff,” just proven strategies, forms, marketing and training manuals that have been refined over our 20 years of practice.

Participants will leave with an action plan and the tools to improve their office flow, statistical analysis, staff proficiency and improved quality of practice – guaranteed!

Take the time to read our testimonials. You’re assured to grow your office and overcome many of the obstacles that prevent other doctors from developing the quality of practice they desire.

Your investment will double after your first new patient enrolled into your program.

Guarantee: If at the end of the workshop you are not completely satisfied, simply return the materials and you’ll receive a full refund. That is how confident we are about the power of this course. This course is only for serious and motivated practitioners.

Don’t Settle For Less

Why Supercharge Your Practice?

We have a clear picture of how vision care will evolve over the next decade. The opportunity lies in developing specialty care within our practices, not with traditional staples like contact lenses, glasses or even eye examinations!

Module 1: Fee Development

  1. You will document YOUR reasons to invigorate your practice(s).
  2. You will divide your practice into “pillars” and prioritize them.
  3. You will learn how to track each profit center.
  4. You will document what fees YOU’LL charge and know WHY!
  5. You will establish goals for your specialty care practice(s).
  6. You will document a plan of action for each goal.

Module 2: Marketing

  1. You will learn how to acquire specialty care patients.
  2. You will document a target group of patients to market to.
  3. You will acquire a proven presentation system to customize.
  4. You will develop a step-by-step system to move patients from exam to consultation.
  5. You will acquire printed marketing material to move patients from inquiry to action.
  6. You will learn how to “wow” your patients into referring.

Module 3: Patient Management

  1. You will learn a proven system to enroll patients into your program.
  2. You will acquire a system of demonstrations to help educate your patients.
  3. You will establish scheduling time-slots to optimize efficiency.
  4. You will learn examination protocol for specialty care patients.
  5. You will develop a blueprint for successful evaluations and consultations.
  6. You will have a script for proper and effective fee presentation.
  7. You will learn how to address insurance and other FAQs.
  8. You will learn effective follow-up skills to assure commitment after the consultation.
  9. You will learn how to develop a patient base who appreciates your care and who YOU enjoy examining.

Module 4: Leadership/Staff Management

  1. Leave with a real-world organization chart
  2. How to hire and retain quality staff
  3. How to train staff for consistent results
  4. How to keep staff motivated and happy
  5. How to design a practice brings you freedom and happiness!

Module 5: Journal

  1. Pragmatic guide to personal productivity
  2. Four steps to success
  3. Document one year plan
  4. Document 10 year plan
  5. Master Task List prioritizing goals set during the workshop

Module 6: Supplemental Manual

  1. Detailed answers to doctor frequently asked questions
  2. Operations manual of procedures
  3. Case studies teaching how to deliver exceptional care
  4. Detailed responses to patient’s frequently asked questions


“I found that the workshop gave me the confidence and motivation I needed to make changes in our practice.”

Christine Yeung, OD