Hear from past attendees about their experience from SuperCharge Your Practice.

SuperCharge Your Practice


Hetel Bhakta, O.D.

Supercharge Your Practice is the best workshop I have been to in the last 10 years.  After taking the workshop a few years ago I am still referencing all the in depth material, and implementing it in my private practice. The workshop is a masterful combination of myopia control and practice management. If you are serious about making a change in your patients’ lives and want to create or improve your myopia control practice, you must go to this workshop!

Liz, Patient Care Manager

Dr Lyons first attended Supercharge in 2016.  He returned from the class full of new ideas and a newfound passion – myopia control. He has been fitting scleral lenses for years and this seemed like a perfect extension for him.  Within that first year we started to implement the business practices that he had learned from Supercharge. In 2017, Kathryn and  I attended Supercharge so that we could better understand how to grow the program. Dr. Lyons also attended again as he had so enjoyed the energy and education that Dr. D provided.  We have found the information given and the step-by-step process for creating a profitable program to be invaluable.  We have even used some of the ideas to help enhance our scleral lens program.  We highly recommend this program for doctors, managers, and team members that are interested in creating a profitable myopia control clinic!

Dr. Rita Ellent, O.D.

Supercharge is by far one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended. Within a short period of time, Nick manages to inspire, motivate, and present the most simplified approach and foolproof method to success with Ortho-K. He logically and systematically outlines the steps needed to prosper, while providing all the needed tools. This workshop is definitely a must for any practitioner interested in myopia control and Ortho-K.

Christine Yeung, OD

I had a great experience at Supercharge; the workshop was different than any other I had attended. I found the workshop gave me the confidence and motivation I needed to make changes in our practice. We continue to see our ortho-k practice grow as a result. Dr. D. is so supportive (even after the workshop) and truly wants you to succeed.

Jesús L. Barrios, O.D.

Nick is an optometric rock star whose passion for our profession is truly inspiring, motivating, and downright contagious!  His workshop shocks you, shakes you, rocks you…almost breaks you!  Gosh darn it if you don’t come out of it with a dozen “A-ha” moments or two!  Just thinking about last year’s SuperCharge makes me want to stand on my chair and dance a Macarena, Kiki, or any of the latest internet challenge dances!  I have never had as much fun anywhere else learning how to improve my practice to benefit my patients.  You may come out of it a little Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs (I have a couple of videos I can show offline) but it would be more crazy to miss it. If you haven’t done so yet, do your practice…yourself…and your patients a favor and GO!

Mira Sivan OD, AAOMC

Just wanted to share with you that after a few months of frustration trying to make changes to the charges of Ortho-K lenses, I’m starting to have more fittings.   I came to the conclusion that the moment I was comfortable with the change, I come across this way, and patients didn’t question it.  We ( my staff and I) came to a target number of OK fittings per month and we exceeded it this month.  It will take some time to get my ROI but I know I’ll get there. I wanted to thank you again for sharing your experiences and knowledge.  I keep learning more and more about OK lenses and enjoy it.

Raymond J. Brill, OD, MBA, FAAO, FOAA

I’ve attended the SuperCharge workshop twice, it’s a must for newbies as well as established overnight reshaping doctors like myself. Nick is a master of positivity and a TEDx speaker. Roots and wings is what we try to impart to our kids. Nick will show you the roots of how to develop a specialty practice in over 5 hours of intensively programmed education. He will encourage you to take flight with your newly-found wings of encouragement to develop your own myopia control practice.

Steve Jacobs, OD

Whether you’ve been involved with Myopia Management/Ortho-K for one year or twenty, if you’re serious about it, you owe it to your practice to attend Supercharge at least once.  As Dr. D stresses, an Ortho-K patient is not a contact lens patient.  Supercharge provides the perspective, motivation and tools to internalize this key concept and help you bring your practice to your next level.

Dr. Martin Diaz, OD

Lots of people can fit lenses. Nick’s course is about all the other things you need to be successful. He has been doing this for a long time and continues to tweak his systems. Because that’s what long term success is all about, consistency and systems. Can’t recommend Supercharge enough.

Jeffrey Martin, OD, FAAO

Single BEST course I’ve ever taken for my practice.  PERIOD. The mindset you learn at Supercharge can change your entire outlook on practicing Optometry, and not just Ortho K. Other specialty services like VT, Sports Vision, and other self-pay services (even Lipiflow) have been influenced in my practice by what Nick taught me all those years ago. If you are on the fence about attending, you have two choices: get off the fence and change your practice for the better, or resign yourself to whatever vision plans will allow you to have. Either way, you are making a choice – change your mindset and improve your practice…or do nothing different and believe what you’re already doing is the best it can be. It’s up to you!

Dr. Albert Ng, OD, FAAO, FIAOMC

My medical optometry practice consists of ten doctors who specialize in myopia control, vision therapy and dry eye treatments. I have attended Supercharge three times. The key point that Nick really hits home to you is to “have practice independence” you MUST focus.  However, if you don’t know what’s important, everything seems important.  SuperCharge is a step-by-step coaching grand rounds for practice success.

Amy Lee, OD

I attended Supercharge in 2016. It was such a great experience that I am attending again! Dr. D is an open book & has so much passion for helping others make their practices successful. He teaches you to work smarter not harder. My practice is a cold start and I am 4 years in. I have grown ortho-K, paid off my topography and dropped one of our insurance plans and have plans to drop another this year! SuperCharge gives you all the tools you need to succeed, I strongly recommend it.